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This tool is a new version of the tool developed for SharePoint 2007 to configure only document libraries in SharePoint where you could select one or more and setting the versioning configurations, here you can see the tool.

The version 2.0 was created to configure lists and document libraries where you can select one or more of them. The actual version has available the “Versioning” section and I’m working in the 2.1 version that will have the “Advanced Options” section.

The tool has been developed in two languages, English and Spanish. It taking the language configuration from the portal setting configuration, and then you can change the language trough SharePoint interface.

The installation process is easy only need install a WSP and active a feature in the site where you want use the tool. In the image 1 you can see the new option added after that the feature was activated.

[Image 1]
1 Site Settings SharePoint

Selecting the new option menu you can see the main page of the tool as you can see in the image 2.

[Image 2]
2 Item not selected

The tool has been developed consuming the new UI system of SharePoint 2010, as you can see in image 2 the errors or notifications are showing in the Ribbon.

You need select the site where are the lists or documents. When the lists were loaded in the right zone you need select each pressing “Add” to load it in the bottom section. The lists or documents that were adding the bottom zone are ready to configure as you can see in image 3.

[Image 3]
3 Items selected to configure

Once all elements that we want configure in the bottom zone, you need select the option in the command ribbon to open the configuration section as you can see in the image 4.

[Image 4]
4 Configuration PopUp

Remember, use the tool in production environment is your responsibility, not mine.


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