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I’m back. I have been working with the search engine in a project few months ago and one of the functionalities that the customer wanted was the suggestions in the search engine. SharePoint 2010 added the suggestions in the search box in the portal as Google and other sites. The suggestions will be creating automatically using the searching in the portal and accessing to the result. When the users selected the same link several (more than 5 times) times, SharePoint saves the word used to search as "suggestion word" and one time per day (the default configuration of the job) runs the job "Prepare query suggestions" to put available all words or phrases saved. The only way to add more words to the suggestion feature is using a PowerShell script to add them and run the job manually or with the script. This tool was created to handle all words of suggestions in each Search Services Applications created in SharePoint 2010. Let's go to know the tool...
Once the WSP was installed in the central administration you can access to the tool in the menu "General Application Settings” as you can see in Image 1.

[Image 1]

1 Central Administration SharePoint 2010 Add Suggestions_thumb[10]

In the section “General Application Settings” you can see the link (in the section “Siderys Tools”) to access the page created to administrate the suggestions. When you select it, you are going to the page, as you can see in image 2.

[Image 2]

2 Home Page Suggestions_thumb[2]

In this page you have listed the suggestion to the default search service applications that was created in your SharePoint farm. The first thing that we are going to review is the ribbon commands created, as you can see in image 3.

[Image 3]

3 Ribbon Commands suggestions_thumb[3]

The first command “Search Applications Available” is used to select the “Search Service Application” where you are going to configure the suggestions. As you can see in image 4 this function will be opened in a modal popup of SharePoint 2010.

[Image 4]

4 Select Search Service Application_thumb[2]

In this new popup you must select one of the “search service applications” where you are going to configure yours suggestions words. In this example I’m using 2 search service applications created in my default search service in my farm. When you select one of them, the popup will be closed and your application will load the grid with the words saved.
The second command “Add new Suggestion” is used to add new words or phrases to the suggestion feature to the search services application selected. As you can see in image 5, function will be opened in another modal popup of SharePoint 2010.

[Image 5]

5 Add new words or phrase_thumb[2]

In this new popup, you need type the word or phrase that you want add and press the button “Ok” to confirm it. When you select the button, the popup will be closed and the word will be added in the suggestions and the component must reload all words.

The third command “Delete Suggestion” is used to delete a word or phrase in the suggestions, first, you need to select one of them using the button to the right in the grid as you can see in the image 6. After that you are going to press the option delete in the ribbon to delete the word. If you not select a word and press the button then you would see an error message in the ribbon as you can see in the image 7.

[Image 6]

6 Word or Phrase selected_thumb[5]

[Image 7]

7 Word or Phrase error_thumb[2]

The last command “Run the Job” is used to run the job “Prepare query suggestions”. The job will be execute to the Search Service selected and will put all words available in the search box in the portal where the Search Service Application is configured (remember that the service applications are connected to the web application to use it) in the web application.

Ok, let’s go to use the suggestions in the search box in one of my portals. I have 2 portals created connected each with different Search Services Applications. In Image 8 you can see the suggestions listed for one of the services application and the image 9 the suggestions to the other services application.

[Image 8]

8 Suggestion in one web application_thumb[2]

[Image 9]

9 Suggestion in other web application_thumb[2]

Additionally the component notifies using the new system notifications incorporated by SharePoint 2010, as you can see in Image 10.

[Image 10]

10 Status notification in SharePoint_thumb[2]

To download the tool enters here.


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