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We have been working with SharePoint 2007 every day. In each of the development we have worked, we need interact with jobs to do something each minute, hour, day or when is needed. To change the scheduling or execute one of them we need to do a console program or a script using the command stsamd. But, to do it, we need have access to the server via remote desktop or high privileges.
I was working in a project creating component and jobs to install with our development, then I thought in this tool, is for this reason that I started to work in this tools.
Once you installed in SharePoint you have a new section in the tab operations in the central administration as you can see in image 1. This section has a link to the page with all jobs defined in your SharePoint.

[Image 1]
1 Operations Central Administratrion SharePoint 2007

When you access the page, you can see all jobs defined in SharePoint 2007 as you can see in image 2.

[Image 2]
2 Jobs Created In SharePoint 2007

We can see the jobs created by the services in SharePoint 2007, as we can see in image 3.

[Image 3]
3 Jobs By Services in SharePoint 2007

Also, we can see the jobs filtering by the web applications, as we can see in image 4.

[Image 4]
4 Jobs By Web Applications in SharePiont 2007

Once we found the job that we want change the schedule or execute it, we must select it, to load the page with all information about it, as we can see in image 5.

[Image 5]
5 Job Configured in SharePoint 2007

In this page we can change the scheduling of the Job, the name or execute it. To change the schedule we need press the button “Disable” and the controls to create the new schedule will be enabled. In the image 6 we can see the edition of a job.

[Image 6]
6 Configuring Schedule Job in SharePoint 2007

Once the schedule was changed, we must save the change pressing the button “Save Schedule”. If we want undo the change, we must press the button “Enable” to leave the job as was. In this page we have some data about the job, the last run time, the web application and the start hour.
The installation is very easy; into the zip there are 2 bat files, one to install the WSP and the other to remove the WSP in SharePoint 2007. You need to change the configuration of the both files with the data of your server. The WSP will be deployed in the application web of the central administration and after that, you need active the feature as we can see in image 7.

[Image 7]
7 Feature Jobs Active

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does this work with WSS 3.0?